Hello and good to meet you!  I'm Alyse (J.X. Liang).  I am a scientist (Chemistry, Ph.D.), fitness enthusiast, and freelance photographer based in Seattle, WA.  

I've been immersed in fine arts from the time I could hold a pencil.  Capturing people in portraits, whether through traditional media or a camera, has always been a passion.  As a full-time scientist, I've pursued photography as a serious hobby/side gig so every shoot is a labor born of love.  Seriously -- I can get swept up shooting and editing for hours!

To date, I have shot professional headshots, academic websites, lifestyle/fashion portraits, maternity, fitness events, and online catalogs, to name a few.  I love making magic with natural light, but I'm always up for pushing my boundaries!  Have a new concept?  I'll try anything once!


I capture you in your best light.

I will bring the best out of you when we work together whether that's finding your best angles, lighting, or gestures.  When I take a photograph, I am always trying to capture that sliver of time, to capture and share the beauty I see in you. 

Think you're not photogenic?  Let me change your mind, friend

I also believe that the photographer makes the image and not the camera.  I strive for resourcefulness and the production of beautiful imagery with the tools on hand.  My philosophy for editing is minimal: enhance the best in you without over processing.  As a rule, I will not alter facial features, body shapes, or misrepresent a person in any way.  You're in good hands!


Get in touch with me if you want photography services for:

  • Professional Headshots
  • Personal Portrait Sessions
  • Lifestyle / Fashion Session
  • Portfolio Building
  • Events (Fitness / Engagements / Etc)

Reach out if you're a fellow photographer in the area who wants to trade shoots and have a good time making art!  (Psst, my profile up there was taken in collaboration with Taylor Waters).


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